Monday, 16 December 2013

I wonder who will take over from Mack Brown?

Who will be the new longhorn coach hmmm? So the texas longhorn coach mack brown is expected to be resigning this season that does make me laugh.. for 16 long year he has been coaching th longhorn team.. so who will be taking his place.. Some people have been saying that there are lots of fresh coaches to fill his boost but honestly I dont think anyone really can and that the longhorns are doomed here on after... Sorry Longhorns may you rest in peace. Next season for the longhorns will be a utter disatester like always when a new coach comes along trying to make changes.. the players dont know them or worse dont like them. It upsets the team and just is bad... I hope who ever is the new coach wont get the job at the last minute as the team needs to get to know there coach well in advance for the next season if they are going to function as a team and be lead by some one they respect.

I have not got a clue who would want to fill the boots of mack brown... The coach who is picked will only be compared to him and the coach will always come out as a rubbish coach who replaced mack brown no matter how good of a coach they are.

The ufl took a few guesses at who might take the longhorn head coach job... That probably a reasonable list of most likely coaches id say that might get the job.. cant think of any they have missed.

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